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Hollywood Boulevard Shops Fun Facts

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The Darkroom

pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. Did you know that the camera shop, The Darkroom on Hollywood Boulevard at Disney/MGM Studios and the camera shop, The Darkroom in Hollywood at Universal Studios, Orlando, look almost identical.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 13 JAN 01
Tantooine Traders

Tantooine Traders

  1. It was previously called "Endor Vendors".
    REPORTED: anon 16 JUL 01
  2. I have found a excellent hidden Goofy outside the store of Star Tours called Tatooine Traders, it's on the wall made to look like rocks there are two fake light fixtures one has a hat and a nose very obvious and the other right next to it doesn't they are suppose to look the same. The ears hang down and that's where the light bulb is suppose to go.
    REPORTED: Henry 08 SEP 01

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