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New York Street Fun Facts

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  1. In James and the Giant Peach, when he lands on the Empire State Building and the camera begins to pan back, if you've been to Disney's MGM Studios, you'll notice that the whole New York scenes where done right there in that area of MGM studios, as was Bette Middler's who did the short called The Lottery in the same area.
    REPORTED: Indiana Jones 11 MAY 01
  2. All the buildings on this street are hollow! Knock on them, you'll see! You can see through small cracks in doors or windows through some of them. Behind one me and my boyfriend saw a bunch of the "police barracades" they use at the top of the street.
    REPORTED: Amanda 18 JUN 02
  3. Disney makes snow fall on New York Street during the holidays.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Shelly Elkins 10 JAN 98
  4. In the Chinatown area there is a bay window with signs in Chinese upside down and sideways. In the window with the spareribs and hanging ducks the sign is upsidedown. The window in the bay opposite that window has a sign that is hung sideways. I don't read Chinese, but I have lived near Chinese communities and know that the signs are hung incorrectly.
    REPORTED: Tim Bell 29 AUG 99
    This is in contrast with the detail exhibited elsewhere in the park, such as the details in the Hollywood Hotel. Regarding the Chinatown street: My girlfriend, who is Chinese, and I don't recall seeing any signs that were backwards or sideways, so that may have been fixed. But a couple of Chinese characters were not written correctly. In particular we remember the character for moon was missing its middle cross stoke.
    UPDATE: Paul Terrell 18 FEB 00
  5. There is an ATM in the Toy Story Pizza Planet Restaurant. Look for it, it is right where you order your food. It looks like a rocket ship.
    REPORTED: Aren 11 AUG 00

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