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Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant Fun Facts

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  1. "President Garco" of the Space Mountain pre-ride video can also be found in the movie reel.
    REPORTED: Lance Harris 09 AUG 96
  2. I believe that the tag numbers on the cars are high up executive's initials and birth dates
    REPORTED: William Newell
    If you look at the license plates on the cars (tables) at the "drive-in" you'll usually see three letters followed by 4-5 or 6 numbers. The plate represents one of the persons involved in the development of the "Dine-In", and the plate itself gives you the initials of the person involved, their birth date and the state thay were born in.
    UPDATE: Bill Fatora 26 SEP 96
    When my family and I were eating lunch at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant we noticed all the license plates on the cars. Latter we found out that most of them are names of Imagineers.
    CONFIRMED: Vickie Wyles 22 FEB 98
    Actually, the licence plates of the cars in the Dine-In Theater contain the initials and birthdates of the Imagineers who designed the restaurant, not their names.
    UPDATE: Kyle Madorin 10 MAR 98
    The license plates do indeed contain the initials of the imagineers, though the numbers have no significance that I've ever heard of.  I was once told that the initials were those of the designers of the cars themselves, but that seems very unlikely to me, because of the number of cars, I don't think each car was designed by an individual designer.   The states have nothing to do with imagineers, but are supposed to be the states where most UFO sightings are reported.  They are all either Arizona, New Mexico, and California if I remember correctly.  This also compliments the obscure fact that the drive-in is supposed to be set in southern California.
    CONFIRMED: Dogwoodky 29 MAR 01
  3. In the back of the theatre where the popcorn machine is, there is tile on the wall. There are someone's initials in the tile. Probably the person who did the tile.
    REPORTED: William Newell
    There is an "EBE" or "EME" (I can't remember right now) in the tiles above the snack bar in the rear. He's wasn't the tiler, though, but the creator of the restaurant. Sorry, I don't know his name.
    UPDATE: Dogwoodky 29 MAR 01
    I believe the initials are "EBE", which stands for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.
    UPDATE: Wilson Tan 10 DEC 01
  4. Nobody mentioned the best hidden thing in the restaurant.   There is a photograph of a topless women in the restaurant.  This is no fooling.  I was shocked when one of the other servers pointed it out to me.   It's located on one of the film posters inside the theater on the left-hand side facing forward.  I believe it's the poster closest to the screen and I think that it's the Gila Monster poster.  Look for it next time!
    REPORTED: Dogwoodky 29 MAR 01

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