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  1. Portions of George of the Jungle was filmed on Residential Street
  2. A week before it's general opening, the Disney-MGM Studios opens the Osborne Family Christmas Light Display to Annual Passholders. Guests are treated to the lighting of Residential Street and a performance of the holiday carolers in addition to complimentary cookies, hot cocoa or cider, and a family photo portrait.
    REPORTED: Richard Olko 28 NOV 01
  3. For eight years, Osborne, a Little Rock businessman, did what many people do at Christmas. He decorated his home and yard with lights. But he must have hit every sale on colored bulbs in the country because he used 2 million of them. And those millions of lights brought thousands of visitors to gawk and point, which brought Osborne's neighbors to a boil. After battles that went all the way to the United States Supreme Court, neighbors finally got what they wanted. An eye-popping Christmas light extravaganza at the Jennings Osborne home in Little Rock, Arkansas, is now dark. However, Osborne moved his holiday display to Disney Studios. He loaned Disney 2 million of his 3 million Christmas lights. The lights are used between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Every night at dusk, a child throws the switch to turn on Osborne's lights. And they're still on a residential street. In fact, it's called Residential Street. But here, no one worries about the neighbors. And no one worries about all the spectators. On this street, the houses are facades of the homes used in television shows.
    REPORTED: Newspaper reports
    Disney just added another 1 million lights for 1996 to bring up the total to 4.5 million lights! If strung end-to-end the lights would span over 426 miles!!!
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Renée Shaw 27 DEC 96
    Disney added more lights for 1999, so the total is now over 5 million lights.
    UPDATE: Jason Dixon 22 NOV 99
  4. In the Osborne Family Christmas Light Display, Mister Osborne maintains control of the light display at the red brick house. Disney has artistic control over the rest of the Christmas display. For 1998, due to the upcoming bowl game for the University of Arkansas football team, part of the light display at the red brick house said, "Go Razorbacks!"
    REPORTED: Tom & Renée Shaw 27 DEC 98 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  5. The red brick house done in red light is very similar to Mr. Osborne's house in Arkansas
    REPORTED: Tom & Renée Shaw 26 DEC 00
  6. It takes Disney from August to Thanksgiving to put up the Osborne Family Christmas Light Display but it only takes them two weeks to take them down! During the time they are putting them up Disney has to work around production schedules of TV and Movies that are using the backlot area.
    REPORTED: Tom & Renée Shaw 27 DEC 98
  7. It takes Disney 21,000 hour to put up the Osborne Family Christmas Light Display.
    REPORTED: Tom & Renée Shaw 27 DEC 98
  8. In 1998, for the Osborne Family Christmas Light Display, Disney handed out special glasses which made angels appear around all the lights in the display.
    REPORTED: Tom & Renée Shaw 27 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Ry Ogron 07 OCT 99
    In 1999 the glasses for the Osborne Family Specticle of Lights make snow flakes appear around the bulbs. They are also continuing to distribute the agel glasses so you have your pick of what you'd like to see. pict from hiddenmickeys.org
    UPDATE: Karen Rice 06 DEC 99
    This year December 1999 Disney is passing out Glasses at the Osborne lights that turn all the lights into snow flakes.
    UPDATE: Bob Thomas 12 DEC 99
    200 also.
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Renée Shaw 26 DEC 00
  9. When you come to the end of the walk through the Osborne Lights, you see a line a soldiers to your left. If you look closely the one before last has ears under his hat. It's cute and shouldn't be missed.
    REPORTED: Sarah 27 NOV 99
  10. 90% of the figurines were part of the original display in Little Rock. This inclused the 70 foot tree, Mickey Train, globe, two 30 foot carousels and the Flying Santa and Raindeer.
  11. Lights up neighborhood fascades from "The Golden Girls" and "Empty Nest"
  12. If you go on the Backstage Tour you can see the front of the Golden Girls House.
    REPORTED: Dayna 16 JAN 01
  13. Take a tour of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights

Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights Facts and Figures




Walk Through


Jennings Osborne



Installation Time

21,000 hours

Snow Machines

66 machines & 100 gallons of snow flake liquid


800,000 watts


760 feet
From New York Street, thru Washington Square, thru Residential Street

Light Strings

350 miles of lights

Extension cords

32.2 miles

Total Lights

> 5 Million

Flying Angels






Hidden Mickeys

> 40

Christmas Trees

70 foot tree with 58,000 lights
30 foot tree with 27,300 lights


2 thirty foot high

Giant Candles




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