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Fun Facts of Hollywood Tower Hotel - The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

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Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Special note: In the library (and throughout the ride), there are several objects (a robot, a pair of broken glasses, a wishing machine, etc....) that are from various Twilight Zone episodes. With a little help from you. I think we can finalize a list what object goes with which show.

Checkout the Tower of Terror script

  1. When the Tower of Terror was being built, it was struck by lightning. Eerie?!?
    REPORTED: Kelly Sands 13 NOV 96
    Confirmed on "Inside Out."
    CONFIRMED: Joe Cutroni 17 JUL 97
  2. Opened in 1994 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  3. This is a picture at a reunion at Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors in 2005 of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride Director Joe Dante and Robert Steven Rhine who played Rod Serling on The Tower of Terror Ride.
  4. "Fear Every Drop": The only difference that is going to be made, is that of 18 inches added on to one of the drops in the "Fear Every Drop" current profile, the reason for this adjustment, is to make the elevators drop from a higher position, doing so, would allow, for the first time the on-ride photos, to be take while the elevator is actually dropping, rather than when stopped.
    REPORTED: Adrian Ofman 16 DEC 00
  5. The Tower of Terror photo dept. is to be taken over by Kodak.
    REPORTED: Adrian Ofman 16 DEC 00
  6. Most of the props in the Tower were bought not made. I found that out during a pre-opening tour that I took.
    REPORTED: Arthur Sanders 22 AUG 98
    To add detail to the boiler room, ride designers added several large fusebox/breakers from the time period. They are located on your left, as you leave the study/library through the false wall/door. They actually work (not not electricity but they move) You can take a box breaker lever and throw it up or down, depending on its orientation as you get to it. It will make a LOUD POP. The larger boxes make the best noise.
    REPORTED: Stephan Lastinger 15 APR 00
  7. On September 15, 1998 at around park opening, (9:00) local TV channels and news around Florida reported that an elevator in the Tower of Terror malfunctioned sending a load of people crashing down when they weren't supposed to. An emergency stopping device kicked in, and all 20 or so people inside the elevator had to go to local hospitals, and all that medical stuff.
    REPORTED: anon 15 SEP 98
  8. Just before you enter the CTX building, to the left of the door is a dedication plaque with the date April 22, 1978 on it, exactly 20 years before park opening. A similar example can be found on the gate at the entrance to Tower of Terror in MGM. That plaque reads, KEEP OUT! October 31, 1939. That is the exact date that lightning struck the tower and sent those unlucky guests to... THE TWILIGHT ZONE.
    REPORTED: Peter Stepniewicz 10 MAY 98
  9. Everybody knows that the Tower of Terror ride if full of details and mysteries (if you will). One of those,is a perfectly shaped cross (gray color)located on the front wall of the hotel (where the Hollywood Tower Hotel sign is) at the left hand side of the little balcony in the right side corner. The cross is part of the many cracks that the wall has. Why did they do this? Are they blessing the tower with this Christian symbol in order to prevent fatal accidents on the ride?
    REPORTED: Yaritza Figueroa 13 SEP 98
  10. It is a fact that when the tower first opened, it almost immediately closed. A cast member told me it was because one of the backstage inside walls had blown out.
    REPORTED: Scott 16 JAN 98
  11. From the front of the hotel, there is a single window, easily seen, with a light in it. Its just a dummy room with a light in it to add to the effect of the eirie hotel.
    REPORTED: sean m odonnell 08 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Goot 22 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Renée Shaw 26 DEC 00
  12. The break room for the Tower of Terror is actually located between the two drop shafts, around the third floor. This means you can hear the screams perfectly as you eat, and the T.V. shakes whenever one of the unit drops. Also, there are service hallways between the breakrooms and the shafts, with emergency doors that open into the shafts. If you stand in these halls when an elevator drops, you can see the whole wall bend outward from the compressed air in the dropshaft.
    REPORTED: Goot 22 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 07 DEC 99
    I work in Area 25 known as the Hollywood Hills and I eat all of my breaks at the Tower of Terror. The breakroom has got to be the coolest thing in the world. You go up a flight of stairs and down a plain hallway and then there is a right turn. It quickly dead ends, but there is a door that says; "DO NOT OPEN!" This door leads straight into the shafts or "The Twilight Zone." As the ride runs, the door and the wall expands like the wall is breathing!! It is awesome!
    UPDATED: Ben M. 01 SEP 00
  13. On the gate when you first go in, there is an eviction notice for the Hollywood Tower Hotel.
    REPORTED: Sean Holland 01 MAR 97
  14. In the Tower of Terror, all of the ramps and walkways are tilted at a 2-4 degree angle. The combination of mist (when you first are walking up), the lighting and the tilt, cause you to become disorienated. and also heighten the thrill of the ride.
    REPORTED: Randy 15 JUN 97
  15. When you walk into the lobby in the right hand line there is a magazine on a table to your right. The byline on the magazine says that it contains cartoons by Walt Disney.
    REPORTED: Goot 04 AUG 99
  16. In the lobby while you're standing behind the velvet rope in line, look to the far left of the lobby and you will see a small table with two chairs facing each other. On the table there are two champagne glasses and an old bottle holder standing next to the table. If you have really good eye-sight, you will see lipstick on one of the glasses, and sitting on the table is a white glove with a diamond ring on it... A cast member told me that the story behind this is that the glasses were there because a couple were celebrating because they had just gotten engaged, when lightning struck the hotel and they dissapeared into the Twilight Zone. creepy, huh?
    REPORTED: Anthony A. 14 MAR 00
  17. I was told by other Cast Members that the letters in the boxes in the hotel lobby were real complaints sent in to Disney. They may have even been complaints about the tower not opening early enough but I may have dreamed that part.
    REPORTED: Larry Falli 24 OCT 96
  18. The lamp in the lobby on the podium for the Cast Members is antique but it has the 3-circle pattern on it
    REPORTED: anon 09 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 27 DEC 96
  19. In the lobby, there is a stack of 3 or 4 suitcases. They are the same suitcases seen is the video in the library, the luggage of the missing guests. They are right next to the reception desk.
    REPORTED: Angela Tweedie 29 OCT 96
    pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  20. There is a little board just as you exit the lobby to go into the basement queue part. Some of the letters have "fallen off." They are a anagram for "evil tower."
    REPORTED: Larry Falli 24 OCT 96
    Just in case you are having trouble finding the "Evil Tower" anagram, it is spelled in the letters that have fallen off on the bottom of the box. Cast members told me it was unintentional, but it won't be corrected.
    CONFIRMED: Justin 19 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: Asheley 18 APR 99
    On the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror, I have seen the words "evil tower" in the glass case next to the 'fateful elevator'. But I looked further, and I saw that it says more: "evil tower u r doomed" is the complete phrase.
    UPDATE: Patrick Lim 20 JUL 00
  21. Disney put some effort into doing this even though not many people even notice it. Right when the lines split up to go to the libraries, there is a chandelier above the doors to the libraries. If you look at the light bulbs closely, you will notice that the coils are made the same way that they were made in the early 1900s.
    REPORTED: Billy Poulos 20 FEB 99
  22. We went on the Breathless tour to watch Sorcerery in the Sky. Kevin our boat driver said he would tell us a secret that most people haven't heard about the Tower of Terror. He said when they were building the TOT it was around the same time Lion King was coming out and if you look at the top of the tower from the side that faces the Swan & Dolphin you can see at night two lights in the middle that look like eyes and down one level you can see an opening for a mouth and the two side towers represent the shoulders. It takes some patients to find the eyes during the daylight but, at night you can see the eyes clearly and the rest of the body. When your are entering the Studios and you face the Tower of Terror you are seeing the right side of the lion.
    REPORTED: Michael Baecht 21 JUL 96
    Last summer we took a speed boat ride in the canal that connect Epcot,Boardwalk, and MGM and as we passed the Tower of Terror we noticed that I looked like a robot. The Driver pointed it out and confirmed it. I really think it isn't noticable during the day, but visible at night.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Davis Miller 13 APR 98
    I had read about it and did see the Lion Head. It can only be viewed at night and I saw it as I was driving back from the Studios towards the MK Resorts. It can only be seen for a few moments, but is plainly visible if you know what to look for. The two green lights are the eyes.
    CONFIRMED: firstno 28 SEP 98
  23. When you are waiting in line on the outside of the building, various pieces of music are piped in through hidden speakers. Some of this music is from the movie "The Shining". I noticed that they occasionally play the music that is heard in the ballroom at the very end of the movie, a sort of creepy yet nostalgic tune. Has anyone been able to confirm this? If this is true, it must be a joke put in by an imagineer with a love of irony.
    REPORTED: Michael Hill 28 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: The Randolph Family 08 JAN 97
  24. Immediately upon entering the Tower of Terror hotel lobby, look to the left. There is a Mah Jongg game in progress. I recently heard a speech by Judson Green, Disney President of attractions and he confirmed that they invited 4 of the world's top players to play for an hour and then get up and walk away from the table. Then Disney preserved the pieces as they were to be sure that no one entering the building (who knew the game) would be able to comment that the game pieces were staged. Now that's attention to detail!
    REPORTED: Tim Abraham 29 JUN 98
  25. On the wall next to the concierge's desk is plaque honoring The Hollywood Tower Hotel with AAA's 13-diamond award. (In real life, it only goes up to 5 diamonds.)
    REPORTED: John & Melanie Emmons 17 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: The Randolph Family 08 JAN 97
  26. The 1930's LA Times on the concierge's desk has a headline about Victora West.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 29 MAR 98
  27. As you enter the Hotel for the Tower of Terror, before the Cast Members designate which library you will enter, near the "broken" elevators is a listing, I don't know the correct terminology for it, of names on it. One of the listings is High Society located in the Penthouse. For those who may know, High Society was another adult magazine made by the same man who does the Penthouse magazine. This is in homage to him as he had donated an antique to the hotel (I think it was either a lamp or a chair). This was passed on to me by my sister who worked as a Cast Member.
    REPORTED: Knightfox 23 NOV 00
  28. The little girl going in elevator is holding a 1930's style Mickey doll; one of the very first ever made.
    CONFIRMED: Nocturus 05 MAR 95
    In the video you see before boarding the little girl is holding an original 1935 Mickey Mouse Doll.
    CONFIRMED: Jerry Witman 27 JUN 96
  29. Here are the names of the specters of the disappeared elevator: Sally Shine (little girl) Emmaline Partridge (Sally's nanny) Gilbert Lawrence (guy) Carolyn Crosson (lady) Dewey _________ (Bellhop)
    REPORTED: Ben Irwin 08 DEC 99
  30. At Tower of Terror, the ghost girl is played by non other than Lindsay Ridgeway, who also plays Morgan, Cory Matthews' wisecracking little sister on "Boy Meets World".
    REPORTED: anon 14 SEP 01
  31. In the pre-video for the Tower of Terror, if you listen closely, you can hear the little girl saying, "BOR-ing...BOR-ing..." The rest of her family is scared to death by the eerie events, but she's just standing there going, "BOR-ing!" You can ride many times without noticing her saying it.
    REPORTED: NS 25 DEC 00
    On the tower of terror ride the little girl is actually singing the old nursery rhyme "It's raining, it's pouring..." not it's boring, it's boring.
    UPDATE: Sockarboy 09 JAN 01
  32. I not sure if any one else has noticed this but if you are in the boiler room there is a bunch if coal. My little sister dared my to touch the coal. It was painted on. I think this cement with gray paint.
    REPORTED: sarah 07 JUN 99
  33. This is a detail we noticed while in line in the basement of the Hotel. I learned (from this site!) that you will not find any gum for sale within Disney World parks. In the basement of the Hotel, there's an awful lot of old gum stuck to the walkways - a deliberate detail!
    REPORTED: Adrienne 13 OCT 97
    It isn't acually gum at all. It's just oil and other things that dripped from the boilers when the hotel was still active (or so it would seem)
    UPDATE: indiana jones 12 FEB 01
  34. Another interesting hidden item is in the boiler room. The type of radios that supervisors use at the studios is called simplex and if you look at the far left wall in the boiler room you will see the words simplex on a water gauge. Minute but interesting.
    REPORTED: Gary Huber 25 OCT 95
    Refering to the name'Simplex' found on a guage. While 'simplex' is indeed a radio communications term (referring to transmitting and receiving on the same radio frequency), the reference to 'Simplex' here is to an actual company who manuactured guages, time recording devices, etc.
    CLARIFICATION: David L. Butlien 08 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Michelle Madison 21 OCT 96
  35. The rooms and corridors of the Hollywood Tower Hotel are full of items from Hollywood auction houses. These are actual furnishings from the lavish estates of some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. One glance around the hotel at a chair, a table, a lamp, a set of brushes, gives one the feeling that the lost era of Hollywood lives on in this stately old hotel. Some items are particularly valuable: one set of leather chairs is an authentic Renaissance antique. Similar sets of these 400-year old chairs are in New York's Metropolitan Museum and London's Victoria and Albert Museum. Other chairs were originally from the exclusive Jonathan Club, a well-known Los Angeles landmark built in the 1920's. Numerous French bronzes are found throughout the hotel, some by the famous 19th century artist Moreau, whose work graced many of the best hotels of the period.
  36. At 199 feet tall, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is Walt Disney World's tallest theme park attraction.
    The reason the Tower is 199 feet is because the FAA regulates that all buildings over 200 feet tall must have flashing red lights on top. Disney Imagineers felt the lights would have taken away from the theme of the Tower.
    CONFIRMED: Jim Bernier 29 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Justin Alexander (Disneypid) 22 FEB 97
    I attended Disney Institute and took the Disney Architecture Class--we were told that the Tower of Terror was built to be 199 feet because if it were built at 200 feet or more there would have to be a red light on top to meet FAA (aircraft) regulations--That kind of lighting would take away from the illusion of the old hotel. Also a new book is out called "Building A Dream - The Art of Disney Architecture" by Beth Dunlop. Great reading about Disney architecture at the parks, etc. (including Team Disney buildings and Disneyland Paris).
    CONFIRMED: Lisa Allison 25 JUL 96
    The Hollywood Tower Hotel is 199 feet tall. If it were 200 feet tall, flashing red lights would have to be installed at the top of the building for airplane pilots. Notice that none of the principle tall structures are taller than 200 feet: Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, Tree of Life, Blizzard Beach ski jump, Miss Tilly at Typhoon Lagoon.
    CONFIRMED: John Quilhot 10 SEP 97
    The Tower of Terror is 199ft. tall. When they first designed it there was supposed to be an elaborate sculpture on the top of the building. But any structure over 200ft. has to have a red blinking light on it. The imagineers thought that would take away from the overall look of the building so they put a small ball on the top of the building instead.
    CONFIRMED: Dan H. 05 MAY 98
    The tallest building at Walt Disney World is the Tower of Terror. The building height is 199 feet. This is because the FAA would require unsightly tower lighting at 200 feet.
    CONFIRMED: Dana Tyler 10 SEP 01
  37. All of the pennies that are stuck to the bottom of the drained fountain are from 1989-the year that the Studios opened.
    REPORTED: M 07 NOV 95
    Every penny that was in the dried up fountain is gone.
    LOST: Chris Callac 26 JUL 96
  38. Did you know that Rod Serling plays himself in the Tower of Terror? Well, sort of... It's his body, but his mouth, and the background of the Tower of Terror, are superimposed to look real. I'm not sure who did the voice. My dad and I were almost positive it wasn't, but a friend of ours who went on it with us keep telling us it was. We finally confirmed with a cast member that it was in fact Rod Serling, with a bit of a "Face-lift"!! Cool, huh??
    REPORTED: Jessica L 10 JUL 99
    As to Rod Serling's "appearance" in The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, he does actually play himself... Briefly. Just after the classic Twilight Zone opening, you see an image of the hotel which quickly cuts over to Serling introducing this "episode." This part where he's on-screen is actually cut from a 1961 episode of The Twilight Zone called "It's a Good Life." In the episode, a small boy has the power to terrorize his entire town simply by using his mind. Anyway, the opening to this episode was used for the opening to The Tower of Terror with the image of Serling superimposed into the scene with the elevator. After he says "This, as you may recognize..." is where Rod Serling's voice stops and the voice of a really great impressionist takes over. You'll also notice that is the point where the real Rod Serling cuts off and the impersonator takes over is when the camera cuts away to show the elevator.
    CONFIRMED: Grand Owl 19 SEP 00
    I stumbled upon your site and noticed a few comments regarding whether Rod Serling was playing himself on "The Twilight Zone - Tower Of Terror" ride or an impersonator. I happen to have the correct answer. Some footage of the real Rod Serling was used as well as an impersonator - a rather good one - I hope. I know this because I played the part and did the impersonation. I have never even seen the ride myself, but I was hired by director Joe Dante and was filmed doing the impersonation for the ride. I was made over to look more like Rod Serling, though I already resemble him and have done impersonations of him before. His widow was at the screen test and approved me to portray her late husband for the ride. Oddly enough, I knew Rod Serling as a kid (and vacationed in Palm Springs with him and his family). Rod told my father, also a television writer, that he thought I should play in the Sandy Koufax story some day. Little did he know that twenty-five years later I would be imortalized on the "The Twilight Zone - Tower Of Terror" I hope this clears up the mystery.
    UPDATE: Robert Rhine 18 JUN 02
  39. In the cage for the elevator, there is a small plaque that is the elevator certificate for 1939.
    REPORTED: Sean Holland 01 MAR 97
  40. The doors to the elevator does not close right away. In fact, once you start going up, look up very fast, and you will see a bundle of exposed, modern wires.
    REPORTED: David L. 19 FEB 06
  41. The blown out fuse box is a camera that Cast Members monitor you with.
    REPORTED: Sean Holland 01 MAR 97
    One summer I was in the basement and I went to the control room to see my sister who works there. I saw the TV that monitors you and I saw a guy get kicked off 'cause he hit someone.
    CONFIRMED: rniemann 03 MAR 98
  42. The elevator car has wheels on the bottom of it and two battery powered motors, so the elevator can move horizontaly across the floor. There's also antennas on the car and recievers on the floor; so the car knows where it's going. When the elevator comes into the elevator shaft it pulls inside of another box or the VVC (Vertical Vehicle Conveince). The elevator car is locked down to the VVC. So the elevator car is box inside of another box.
    REPORTED: Kyle Burns 25 APR 97
    After all the drops had finished off and we were backing away from the screen with the black and white spiral, the car decided not to move. All the music stopped and the lights shut off. They eventually turned on the lights and behind you is a long corridor with almost a track like thing the car moved along! It was so cool looking!
    CONFIRMED: Angela 24 APR 99
  43. On the Tower of Terror (I forget which drop since they are random now), while you are dropping, you can see an image of the little girl in the movie and on the ride. She takes up about half of the space in fornt of you and looks like some kind of doll. it's very hard to see because she flashes really fast and you are moving, too. as i recall, there are two of her, both on either side of the car.
    REPORTED: Eric R 08 APR 06
  44. The shafts have giant motors that are three times as powerful as those in New York City's 110-story World Trade Center.
  45. The Tower has a motor in the bottom of the ride that actually pulls you down faster than you would normally fall.
    REPORTED: Lindsaye Oppedisano 20 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Justin 23 JUL 97
    You don't actually fall down , you're pulled down. Giving you 1.3 G Force. Originally when the ride was built it let you drop. Disney designers thought it wasn't enough of a thrill (Supposedly a designer said "If my tie dosn't fly up in my face, its not good enough"). So, changed the ride. I saw this on Beyond 2000 (A show on the Discovery channel) and it was confirmed by a cast member.
    CONFIRMED: Tim 20 AUG 97
    As for the elevator, there are two motors, one at the top and one at the bottom. The car is locked into a cage that is tightly suspended between these two motors on steel cable. The motors work in conjunction to move the cage up and down at rapid speeds... There is no point when the car isn't tightly suspended between these two wires.
    CONFIRMED: Scott 16 JAN 98
  46. If you're worried about safety on the Tower of Terror, don't be. The motors that drive the cars up and down are three times as powerful as those used in the World Trade Center. And have you noticed the grates built into the floor to increase the flow of air through the car during the fall? Less wind resistance to further the thrill. They think of everything.
    REPORTED: Robert Patrick Steere 19 NOV 95
    The Tower of Terror has 8 different braking systems on it to prevent any injuries to happen and also if anyone wants to be really daring on the ride ask to not put the lap bar down! The force from the drop will allow you to float in midair without getting hurt!
    CONFIRMED: Lisa Dunham 01 OCT 96
  47. Ever feel the gush of air as you fall from the Tower of Tower? It's not that you're falling too fast (though you are going pretty fast), it's because there are real wind jets under the car or on the floor.
    REPORTED: Rob Warden 15 APR 97
  48. I have heard from many people that since you supposedly fall from a 13 story height you don't actually fall for a full 13 stories but you do because you fall from a height of 15 1/2 stories allowing enough height for a 13 story drop and a 2 1/2 story brake section
    REPORTED: Jess Jones 24 JUN 99
    The elevator drops from 155 feet allowing for a fall of 130 feet and a 25 foot brake run
    CONFIRMED: Kangaroo 26 JUN 99
  49. I was on the TOT last year and i was really excited. I've been having this weird obssesion over it for a few weeks prior. Well... When i got into the elevator and ascended, we broke down right after the elevator started to move forward. We were stuck there for about 15 minutes with no lights on (and that was pretty creepy...). After waiting the 15 minutes, this cast member came to our car with a little step stool thingie and told us what happened. The first thing i realized was how shabby the floor was.... It was just peices of "mirrored plexiglass" (or so i think) that's not even attatched to the ground. We were led to a service elevator to go back to the main floor. The funniest thing was that the elevator indicated that we were on the 5th floor rather than the 13th. Maybe the 5 was an "s"? Bottom line: it didn't say "13". I wonder if the 5 or "s" stands for anything? Well, we got to ride it again and that time went perfectly.
    REPORTED: Fred 20 JAN 01
  50. When the elevator doors open for the first time, the door numbers are on the right wall underneath the light. You can only see the sign right before the stars light up everywhere. For all of you that do not go there that often, the room numbers are 414-426.
    REPORTED: Sean Holland 05 MAR 97
  51. When you are exiting, look to the right of the last hallway, you will see the menu for the sunset room on Oct. 31.
    REPORTED: Sean Holland 01 MAR 97
    It's from the day the hotel closed due to the, uh, accident.
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 25 SEP 98
  52. Upon returning to the exit area after the ride, watch as the elevator door opens. What once was a painted, yellow "B" suddenly becomes the dreaded number "13"
    REPORTED: Jen 14 APR 98

    pict from hiddenmickeys.org

  53. Interesting that if you look directly down from the Tower (in that brief time before it drops) you can see our Costuming and one of our parking lots.
    REPORTED: Carolyn R. Sorrells 10 OCT 96
    Yes, you can see backstage
    CONFIRMED: Brett Knapp 04 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer Stephens 02 JAN 98
    Now you see the new animation building.
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 25 SEP 98
  54. Has anyone ever noticed when you sit in the seatbelt seat, the cast members take that extra step to scare the crap out of you. they even pull the seatbelt up as if it weren't going to lock it. I have many scars from other guests who have been scared for me.
    REPORTED: Dobby 06 JUL 01
  55. Twilight Zone objects can also be seen just after your fall as your cage is slowly rotated around to go to the exit. It is easy to miss in the rush after the fall.
    REPORTED: J Young 13 NOV 95
    Yes, there are pieces of furniture in the basement after the fall. I thought it was cool to put those there as sort of a "real basement" type feel.
    CONFIRMED: Robert Patrick Steere 19 NOV 95 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  56. If you're wondering where they got your picture from when you see the picture of the people in your car when you ride down the hallway and look at the eyeball, they take it just as the doors open on the first floor hallway. That's what the bright flash is. You can see the camera built into the decoration over the archway.
    REPORTED: Robert Patrick Steere 19 NOV 95
    If you are wondering where they take your picture when they send you on the drop, the camera is mounted behind the Hollywood Tower Hotel sign on the front.
    CONFIRMED: The Haningers 19 JUL 96
    This is to confirm where they take the picture at the Tower of Terror. The picture is taken as they open the doors for your view of the park. I have yet to see the camera, but I have seen the flash just before you are dropped. This is why everyone looks so scared when they return to the basement. The picture is taken right before the elevator lets go. The other camera, when they stop at the first floor at you view the scene with the people from the elevator beckoning you, is I believe for the picture of you in the eyeball. The eyeball is located just before you leave the first floor to continue your journey. If the camera that was placed there (on the first floor) was the one to take the picture no one would have that look of sheer terror on their faces (okay almost no one).
    CONFIRMED: Laura Kaltenbach 05 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Jeff 09 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer Stephens 02 JAN 98
    There was mention of a camera just before you got to the giant eye in the second floor of the Tower of Terror. This is actually a picture being taken for the eye... If you watch the eye long enough, a box appears in it and opens to show the all of the people in your vehicle sitting in the box.
    UPDATE: Scott 20 JUL 98 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
    I looked closely at the photo and if you look carefully, you can see the camera box outline.
    CONFIRMED: Todd Loewen 13 MAY 02
  57. The last time I went to the Tower, I noticed that in the area where you can view the photos on the screens (behind) there are various boxes and props. Seated in the chair at the desk was the ventriloquist's dummy from one of the episodes. I remember that the dummy looked like the guy in the episode. I also remember that on the show, the dummy came to life. The creepy thing was, when I returned just a week later, the dummy was gone. A perfect "twist" to the ride.
    REPORTED: Brian V 01 OCT 96
    I'm pretty sure it's in the area next to the elevator before you get off, not behind the photo area.
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 25 SEP 98
  58. Here's how the ghosts work. There is a thin sheet of material, called a scrim, that is stretched between the walls of the hallway (you'll notice in places the walls jut out... this allows the scrim to be better disguised). Actually, I'm not sure but I think there are several scrims as you go down the hallway. The ghosts and lightning effects are projected on these scrims. Then when the room goes black, the back window also becomes a projection. This is the same trick used in Muppet Vision 3D and used for the specter in the room of skulls in Indiana Jones in California.
    REPORTED: Scott 16 JAN 98
  59. The stars are done with fiber optics because they glow brightly but do not transmit much light. If your eyes adjust quickly enough, you will see the faint outline of the hall from the light of the stars.
    REPORTED: Scott 16 JAN 98 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  60. Not really a "secret" per se, but a good tip: The best seat for the MGM fireworks is on the Tower of Terror. My friend and I found that if you can time it right (and we could only do this once), you can be at the top of the tower with the doors open, looking out at the fireworks at eye level. It's a pretty cool sight, if you're not too scared from the ride.
    REPORTED: Robert Patrick Steere 04 DEC 95
  61. After getting off of Tower of Terror near the area where you get your pictures there is a dirty glass display case. Inside there are many different notices such as for sale and wanted ads. The cool part was that the ones that i could read had to do with episodes of the Twilight Zone. Such as "Wanted: A pair of glasses". There were alot though that I couldn't read.
    REPORTED: Ry Ogron 07 OCT 99
  62. If you have very slim kids with you be careful who you sit next to on Tower of Terror. My 9 year old was sitting behind me, with my husband and next to a very, very large lady. The safety bar only came down to the large ladies size, so when we hit the drop I heard my daughters scream go up past my head as I went down with the vehicle and she floated in mid air. My husband grabbed her, but she got more of a fright than the ride was intended to give.
    REPORTED: Kate Eddie 15 MAR 98
    My friend and I have been on the ride many, many times, and we began to notice that there were occasions when we would almost be standing from the force of the fall. We often noticed that this would occur when a larger person would also be on the ride with us. The fright level was defnitely increased! Some of our best rides have come when my (rather heavy) father has been with us!
    CONFIRMED: Barbara Cole 02 APR 98
  63. September '97 was my first visit to Walt Disney World, and I was absolutly rabid to ride Twilight Zone. When our car got to the top of the ride, imagine my disapointment when all the lights were on at the top!!! (The top of the tower is a very plain plywood room, and the images from the show that are floating by are really just projections in glass tubes.) When we mentioned it to a cast member, they let us ride again as soon as the lights were off (they had been looking for a lost hat upstairs.)
    REPORTED: Kim Parker 05 DEC 98
  64. While I was at the parks one year a usual Florida thunder strom rolled in to the area at night. If you know the story of the Tower of Teror at MGM Studios the hotel was struck by lightening and the elevator went to the 13th floor of the 12 floor building then fell the 13 floors. Well as it turned out in that t-storm a bolt of lightening hit the ride and caused it to be shut down for the day for repairs and I thought that was the coolest thing to posibly happen to a ride
    REPORTED: Colin McDonough 19 JUN 98
  65. Now, your car stops and you drop down very fast to the bottom. {Try putting a dime on your leg, it will rise up and float about 6 inches above your leg.} You are being pulled down faster than gravity this is why the coin floats. It falls only as fast as gravity pulls it. You on the other hand are pulled down faster. You have about 1 second worth of time where you feel weightless.
    REPORTED: jojobean 15 APR 97
  66. One time as my family and I were waiting in line for the Rockin Roller Coaster we were held up for several hours. We were held up because Brittany Spears was doing a concert taping and using the big guitar as a backround. My family and I were taken through Tower of Terror and out the back door of the gift shop whitch lead us right to the Rockin Roller Coaster so we could ride while she was taping.
    REPORTED: steve 12 JUL 00
  67. It was a rainy day when we road the Tower of Terror the first time. When we got inside the car, I placed my family's wet ponchos on the floor at our feet. At the first drop the wet ponchos rose up before our faces and stayed there. Then we came to a sudden stop and they landed on the people in front of us. I quickly tried to gather them together so they could enjoy the ride, but it was over before I had them untangled. They were not amused. Moral of the story... put your feet on your ponchos on the TOT..
    REPORTED: anon 24 FEB 01
  68. E. B. Effects created the boilers for the basement of the Tower of Terror. Checkout a sample of their boiler and work.
    REPORTED: anon 14 MAY 01

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Facts and Figures




Vertical Vehicle Convience and Elevator




October 31, 1994


199 feet

Drop Height

? feet

Drop Time

? secs

Number of Drops

6-12 (Randomized from 44 sequences)



Ride Time

5 minutes ? seconds


28.4 mph (max)


22 riders per elevator


? people per hour; 1 elevator per ? seconds; ? elevators at once

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