A Macintosh classified data processing support tool

OITC is proud to present the Department of Defense, the DOD contractor community and other security conscious organizations with a standard, proven, off-the-shelf declassification application for Macintosh computers and their associated peripherals.

The product, DeClass, can also augment your TEMPEST and non TEMPEST computers and provides you with the following desktop security features:

OITC is confident that after you review all the alternatives, DeClass will be the declassification tool of choice because of the comprehensive way we treat the declassification of ADP/AIS equipment which has been used for processing of national security information or company sensitive data. OITC provides facility/work group licenses as well.

DeClass for the Macintosh, ISPN 94527-200, is presently available under license for a single machine at $275.00. Multiple machine, project or facility licenses are also available. A special license for security departments for handling inadvertent contamination of unclassified machines is also available. For DeClass orders/licenses or personalized solutions for your specialized needs contact OITC today.
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