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12 May 1998

OITC is the co-developer of one of the most sensitive fire detection algorithm for GOES and METEOSAT 2. It is a break-thru algorithm for wildfire detection. It is currently inder testion and our papers will be published soon.

29 March 1996

Version 1.2 of PaigeRTF is in final testting. Version 1.2 is fully compatible with RTF version 1.4 and is fully compliant with Windows 95 RTF. It is fully compatible with Paige version 1.3.6 released 21 February 1996.

29 February 1996

OITC announces new Paige extension development. Paige Search is a powerful and fast search engine. It comes complete with pattern matching and regular expressions including Boyer-Moore filtering, multi patterns and "best match." For example you can search for all paragraphs referencing articles in CACM between 1985 and 1989 by Joe Author dealing with curriculum in a bibliography document. See our Commercial Products page.

23 February 1996

OITC announces Disaster Management planning, recovery, interim operations, offsite archiving and support for UNIX, Windows NT Server, MacHTTP, WebStar and Apple Internet Server Webmasters. Commercial Web Sites can not afford to to be down. Web presence is a 24 hour a day operation and you can not be off the net. You may be doing backups and have backup machines, but that only scratches the surface of disaster preparedness. Contact OITC for Disaster Management Planning information

22 February 1996

Version 1.1 of PaigeRTF has been released. It is fully compatible with Paige version 1.3.6 released 21 February 1996.

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