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A public service from OITC, the Spacecoast Hidden Mickeys List and Sporting Adventures.

"Public Service Announcements" for the Web

  1. Consider using a PSA banner in rotation with other ads at your site, especially if you have the ability to display them in lieu of non-paying commercial ads.
  2. Consider using a PSA banner for pages you don't think are suitable for "commercial" advertising.
  3. Consider adding PSA banners to pages with relevant themes.
  4. Consider whether a PSA banner may provide you with a greater emotional "return" than a poorly-paid banner or an "exchange" banner that is generating poor click-through ratios.
  5. A PSA banner is a good "place-holder" when you are seeking paid advertisers, and many PSA banners are quite professional looking.
  6. Its the right thing to do.

We believe that the Internet has potential for progressive change and want to help by giving some charitable organizations wide exposure. If you are a representative of an organization that would like to take advantage of our offer of free banner advertising and have your banner listed here for pickup by many websites, please contact us. If you don't have a banner and can not afford one, contact LinkMedia's list of banner makers who will create banners free for non-profit organizations.

If your a webmaster, please view the PSA ads we have available here and select the ones that are appropriate for your site. Then display them with pride.

Below is a list of a few charitable and non-profit organizations. If you would like to recommend another organization for us to add to the list, then please click here. If you would like to be informed when a new banner is added to a page, then please click here. The information is divided into the following categories:

You also might be interested in the Ad Council's Banner Program and LinkMedia's Charitable Banners page.

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