This package installs the complete Clam AntiVirus (ClamAV®) 0.95.3 toolkit on OSX Tiger (10.4), Leopard (10.5) and Snow Leopard (10.6). ClamAV is configured for and can be installed on both OSX and OSX Server platforms. Its built-in support for bzip2 patches the vulnerability, CERT-FI 20469, present in the OSX distributions prior to 10.5.8.

Internet Storm Center Infocon Status

Further, it installs socat, version 2.0, and netcat, version 0.71, to provide increased scriping capabilities to control the ClamAV daemon. Scripts and plists providing full integration with OSX are also installed. This enables log rolling and log integration with OSX and OSX Server as well as auto startup and operation.

During installation the installer automatically configures ClamAV configuration files on a fresh install or utilizes the existing configuration on upgrade. The ClamAV toolkit is installed in its default location, /usr/local/. On OSX Server it is installed in parallel with Apple's stock install.

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Added Features

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Note: This installer is only for OSX Tiger/OSX Tiger Server (10.4) and above.

ClamAV for 10.4 and above

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Anti-virus test file, eicar.com, is available here for testing purposes.

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